Welcome to Ahwatukeelife Recreation

Ahwatukee is known for it's great golf courses, biking and hiking trails, and of course cooling off in the pool or spending time in the spa are a way of life, but what else is there to do? For those times of the year when it's just too hot out for taking a walk in the hills or following behind the ball and when your not in class, at work or when you just don't want to play outside we have some great alternatives! Have you ever gone ice skating in the desert! Well now's the time to get your friends, your family or an entire team and head out to Polar Ice. Too cold, then try some billiards, there are plenty of places here in Ahwatukee or even over the Interstate to try your hand at hustling. If that's too old school, then check out the list of console (XBox, PS3, Wii) and PC Computer games to play.

When the temperature cools off again, it's back outside, but this time why not try hang gliding or getting your pilots license? Afraid of flying, then what about diving in the desert or at least getting certified in the desert and then taking a diving trip somewhere gorgeous like Belize? And when was the last time you ate dinner in the desert - take a romantic horseback ride with dinner under the stars, or bring the family and stay overnight. For the more adventurous why not give paintball a try, it is both more fun and scarier than you think. Want a great gift idea? How about training at Bob Bondurant's school of race car driving. It's great for teenagers and adults. Exciting and challenging, these classes build excellent skills that hopefully you won't ever need, but you'll be glad you have them!

For those who are a little more on the spectator side, we've got major sports information and listings to several parks, festivals, parades and other events locally and around the state. If you can't find something to do here, than send us your suggestions and we'll be happy to check them out and share them with everyone!